Automate Your Legal
Requests Documents Workflow

Answer your employees’ requests, process cases, prepare documents just with several clicks — that’s all possible with LegAI.

Request Management System

Simplify your legal requests process by using our legal management system having a complete record of the law department’s activity

Documents Automation

Save time and avoid errors on routine drafting by simple generation and filling of custom documents without retyping

AI Chat Assistant for Employees

Reduce your workload with help of an AI chat assistant for employees that can simplify enterprise communications on legal issues

Why Should You Use LegAI as Your Legal Team's AI-dvisor?

LegalAI is an all-in-one legal solution that combines AI and the legal expertise to increase efficiency of your legal department’s work.

✔ Legal departments receive requests for assistance all too frequently in an unstructured manner. LegAI bring much-needed order to this frequently chaotic legal requests process.

✔ Legal teams on daily basis spent 22.7% of their time on preparing documents. LegAI helps to save the drafting time. Assemble requested information and immediately produce template documents.

✔ Overload of the inboxes and spending time on answering the repeating frequent questions is another pain of law departments. LegAI Chat Assistant helps to automate the in-house legal communication.

Documents Automation

Create Legal Documents Faster Using AI

Utilize document automation to get rid of delays and expensive mistakes. Save time on routine correspondence, requests, and other tasks by using advanced features to change pronouns, add or remove phrases, and more.

Save Time Of Your Legal Department

LegAI helps save your law department’s time by using an all-in-one simple, straightforward AI-based legal platform.

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Save time of requests processing
by 0 %
Reduce typical requests
by 30 %
Reduce routine legal drafting

Our Team Members

Our team has years of academic, business, development, legal and design experience.

Tomer Libal

Tomer Libal

Co-founder, CEO and CTO
Vitalii Markovych

Vitalii Markovych

Co-founder, CMO


AI engineer


Marketing expert


Communication expert


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