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The legAI App

Every week, legal and compliance companies waste many hours doing mundane tasks that could be automated.

We have developed a solution which takes care of such tasks in just one second... so that lawyers can spend more time on what’s important. We accomplished this by harmonizing:


Legal Expertise


Data Analysis


Machine Reasoning


Remain up-to-date with all of the latest court decisions.


Save time and money by automating time consuming and repetitive processes.


Make your service more affordable and increase your competitiveness.


Increase the trust in your services by using proven mathematical tools.


Generate full reports and ready for submission court documents.

“You need to try it yourself. And once you've done it, you know where the future is.”

Dr. Stefan Eder

Partner at Benn-Ibler, Vienna, Austria

introducing the tool in ReMeP 2019

How Does It Work?

Good question!

Legal Experts

Our team of legal experts feeds the program with the relevant legislation for a specific regulative domain, 
such as data protection or banking regulation.

Language Processing

Our Legal Language Processing software crawls court decisions and feeds them to the system automatically.

Reasoning Software

Our novel award winning legal reasoning software instantly processes all the information on demand.

Your Turn!

You interact with The legAI App, while making all the decisions. Go ahead and watch the Demo!

The paper

"NAI: Towards Transparent and Usable Semi-Automated Legal Analysis"

The paper won the best paper award (1st prize) at the Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion (IRIS 2020) conference.

Sponsored by

the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 15262509