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The first AI-based technology allowing data transfers to be compliant according to the GDPR

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LegAi understand the meaning of legal texts and provides an Ai-dvisor that combines Artificial Intelligence and the expertise of our GDPR consulting partners to automate the legal reasoning process.

The beauty of Our technology lies in the capacity to capture the meaning of the law and translate it in a comprehensible language. We provide assistance to the companies with one of their biggest challenges: compliance on data transfer - beyond direct issues associated with transfering data, many companies use software which stores data or provides customer support outside of the EU, which is prohibited according to GDPR:44.

The process

  1. Our Ai-dvisor first assesses the compliance and provides a legal advice on further steps in order to comply with GDPR requirements.
  2. In the second step, we provide legal advice and the procedures that must be taken by the specific company in order to be compliant with the GDPR requirements.

The value

  • Check the compliance of your software and data transfers for free.
  • Use our AI technology to make non-compliant transfers compliant.
  • Avoid fines and reputation damage.
  • Avoid unnecessary regulatory controls and checks.
  • Our AI is accessible 24/7 and is easy and simple to use.
  • Our AI supports you also after you finish using it, via our Long-term certification guarantee.


Once the knowledge is digitalized, firms can make this digital expertise available to others in various forms, via our Ai-dvisor. Colleagues and clients can now get the highest level legal counsel and training via an easy to use mobile or web app.

Demo video

A short demo of one of our Ai-dvisor

History in a nutshell

1956 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is founded as a research field. AI is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment.

1986 - The British Nationality Act as a logic program

Can AI replace lawyers? In this seminal paper, an example of a program which can reason over the British Nationality Act is described.

2010 - IBM introduces Watson, and later Debater

AI can now answer complex question and simulates human arguments. Are the machine learning techniques behind, the solution to legal reasoning?

2015 - Cognitive computing and Law

Can the limitations of Watson and similar tools be overcome? New cognitive computing apps emerge, such as Ross and Ravel. They try to combine various forms of artificial intelligence.

2019 - NAI editor

An innovative tool for capturing legal interpretations is developed by two researchers from the University of Luxembourg (our CEO is one of them), and wins first prize at the IRIS Conference.

2021 - Funding

The legAi project wins the Luxembourgish FNR PoC grant.

2022 - the LegAi Solution

The Legislation Editor and the Ai-dvisor, that combine Artificial Intelligence and Law and which aim to be the next generation cognitive computing legal app, are presented.

Meet our LegAi Team

Tomer Libal


Deborah Tosi

Head of Legal Product

Giovanna Olivieri

Head of Service Design

Arnagul Zhakudayeva

Head of Operations

Gabriela Marton

Graphic Design Strategist

Pit Baum

Agile Developer

Vidiam Moreau

Data Protection Specialist

Valentina Rondinelli

Frontend Developer

Alexander Goldberg

Backend Developer

Daniel Seh Nlate

Head of Product Design

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